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How many sessions do I have with the coach?

Our coaches will work out a clinically appropriate number of sessions for you, but often, most people require around five or less.

How long does a coaching session take?

We schedule an hour for a coaching interview, but sometimes you can finish faster. In terms of frequency: we usually schedule an interview once every 14 days. In between, you have homework assignments or some reading to get started.

Can family members make use of the service?

Yes, all your family members (children aged 16 and over) can also use our services. The prerequisite is that they live in your home.

Can I come to you for therapy?

We offer short-term solution-oriented coaching and counselling. If during the sessions you find out that you need more therapy, we will refer you (unless you are entitled to more long-term guidance through Lyra) through your employer. If you would like telephone counseling sessions to bridge the gap, we offer that possibility.

What languages can I talk to you in?

We can have conversations in Dutch and English.

What if my coach and I can't get along?

If it there isn't a match with your coach, that is not beneficial to your process. Let us know and we will discuss it. And if necessary, we will arrange another coach.

Do I have to pay a personal contribution for the sessions?

No. Your employer or insurance company pays. They have a contract with us. So our services are free of charge for you.

Is what I'm discussing with you confidential?

Yes, our services are always independent and 100% confidential! With one exception: if there is a danger to yourself or others, then we may need to involve third parties, but we will discuss this with you.

For how long do I sign a contract?

We always start with an annual contract, so that the program has time to become an indispensable place within the organization.

How do I know who used the services?

The service is confidential to users, what we do share is static information about the use of the services. This gives you more information about which problems are common and which services would like to be used.

Do you also provide coaching and counseling onsite?

This is not part of the program, but on request, we certainly provide on-site services, often during reorganizations or crisis situations

How does it work exactly?

You conclude an agreement with us for your organization based on the number of employees. All employees and their family members can then use the program 24/7.

Will I face unexpected costs afterwards?

No, you pay a fixed amount per employee and there are no unexpected costs.

Do you also provide training courses and workshops?

Yes, we have a comprehensive learning and development guide available, especially when it comes to mental & physical health, personal development and organizational changes.